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Correspondence – Yuri Obitani/Ming-Yu Lee

通信 – 帶谷有理/李明宇

Production Country: Japan/Taiwan

Language: English/Japanese/Taiwanese

Runtime: 75 mins 44 secs

Completion Date: December, 2021

Director(s): Yuri Obitani, Ming-Yu Lee



A film correspondence between Yuri Obitani and Ming-Yu Lee, between Tokyo and Taipei, starting from 2019 to 2021. In the era of the pandemic, they communicate and understand each other through letter films.


Director’s note:

Language is rarely used in our correspondence. I called on Ming-Yu in fiction and he answered them in documentary, but we are not in dialogue. Instead of that, we have exchanged the views, the weather, the acoustics, the atmosphere, the roars of birds or animals and so on… Around us at different times over these two years. That’s truly our correspondence, and our film. (Yuri Obitani)



Festivals & Screenings:

  • 2021 EX!T 11 - Experimental Media Art Festival in Taiwan

  • 2022 Liverpool Underground Film Festival - The Underground Award

  • 2022 Liverpool Underground Film Festival - Best Documentary & Best Director Nominations

  • 2022 Film Diary NYC

  • 2022 Switzerland International Film Festival - Official Selection

  • 2022 Alternative Film Festival - Best Experimental Nominee

  • 2023 Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest - Official Selection

  • 2023 Zagreb International Film Festival - Best Experimental Film Nominee

  • 2023 Liber Films International Festival - Best Experimental Film Nominee

  • 2023 Your Way International Film Festival - Best Experimental Film Nominee

  • 2023 LA Underground Film Forum - Honorable Mention

Directors Bio:


■Yuri Obitani (帯谷有理)
Born 1963/Japanese/Male
A filmmaker, also has activity in genre as a composer, poet, and singer-songwriter.
Began playing rock/jazz music from his high school days. Active as a sound artist since the middle '80s. International debuted with premiered his first film THE HAIR OPERA (’93) at the Vancouver Int’l Film Festival ’93. Since, most of his films screened at numerous international film festivals and domestic screening programs in the ‘90s-‘00s. His recent films such as WILD SHAMAN MAIDEN (’07) which are about people's pointless works to make sounds, employ a distinctive usage of one sequence traveling shots and anonymous subjective point-of-view shots.


1993 The Hair Opera
1995 A Kid on the Alley of Hyakunin-cho
1998 Fufu, the Worldweary
2003 Psychedelic Organ Panda
2007 An Acid Field
2008 Mystic Tube #1 -Swinging, Escaping
2010 Mystic Tube #2 -Number of Fluorescents
2018 Your Intruder

■Ming-Yu Lee (李明宇)
Born 1980/Taiwanese/Male
A filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University (Taipei, Taiwan). Research Interests include the Diary Film, Experimental Film, Essay Film, First-Person Cinema, and Film-making. Independent Filmmaker, photographer and film editor having directed several experimental shorts including Time Variations, Going Home, Home Not Yet Arrived, Four Years of Miller. Works deal with the relationship between diary film, home movies, experimental film and questions of identity.


2006 Time Variations

2008 Going Home

2010 Home Not Yet Arrived

2013 Yoi Yoi Yoi

2017-2019 Four Years of Miller

2020 Repetition of Cats



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